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Vaporizers, also known as vapes, have been growing in popularity among green smokers for a long time. Its high time that a new option in smoking has shown up to ad variety to rolling papers, blunts, pipes, bowls and bongs. A vaporizer is a device used to vaporize the active ingredients of marijuana, hash, tobacco or other herbs for the purpose of smoking without the smoke. The appeal is using a vaporizer avoids the inhalation of many harmful toxins inhaled through traditional smoking. Vaporizers are made of materials such as metal or glass and are much more efficient than their older marijuana devouring predecessors. The vast majority of vaporizer companies are smaller and not publicly traded although there are a few public ones such as Vape Holdings, Inc. (VAPE) & mCig, Inc. (MCIG) manufacture vaporizers that are used to smoke dry herbs, oils and the up and coming hit wax. These electronic vapes come in a variety of sizes from a coffee table center piece to a pen sized self contained vaporizer that is easy to conceal. The extracted vapor can be collected in a jar or inflatable bag, or inhaled directly through a hose or pipe. This weeds out a lot of the actual smoke and carcinogens leading to the believe it’s a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Using a vaporizer also leads to a different kind of high than traditional methods.

Vaporizer Stocks

Welcome to Vaporizer Stocks. This is the only site dedicated to the fastest growing segment in the smoking market, Vaporizers & Electronic Cigarettes. This site has all the publicly traded companies in the category featured along with current news, daily charts, interactive charts and stock links.
Vapes and E-Cigs are the next evolution of smoking. Smoking is evolving as people and technology do. Vaporizers, or Vapes for smoking tobacco, non tobacco, and reefer are absolutely on fire rite now. Its a newer way to get down on some smoke without inhaling all of the toxins. Electronic Cigarettes are a new way to consume nicotine, and non nicotine juice that is converting die hard cigarette smokers and attracting new users alike. The cost is less than traditional smokes and they are possibly a healthier alternative to cigarettes.
Vaporizer and E-cigarette companies appear to have bright futures, as reflected in the enormous and rapid growth of their stock prices now. The E-cig market is currently unregulated however that may come so be aware of some potential speed bumps over the horizon. With tobacco stocks, they always manage to come out on top. Most of the big tobacco companies are making the move to the E-cigarette market or are already there. Were already on fire, so please enjoy



E-Cigarette Vaporizers, the newest and fastest growing segment of the tobacco industry. It seems everywhere, smoke free restaurants, movie theaters, the car next to you, people are puffing on e-cigs. An E-cig, or Electronic Cigarette is a subcategory of vaporizers designed to replace cigarettes. E-cigarettes use a flavored liquid such as bubble gum and cotton candy, for adults only, and nicotine mix dissolved in a solution of vegetable glycerine and/or propylene glycol. Using E-cigarettes, as opposed to cigarettes, is considered to overall be a safer experience for both users and those nearby, however there is limited data to support this. E-Cigarettes has its roots in smaller companies like Vapor Corp. (VPCO), and Victory Electronic Cigarettes (ECIG). More and more are popping up in retail outlets, drug stores and gas stations nationwide. Many of these brands are independents that have Chinese companies private label for them. Please know what you are smoking before you do so. Recently big tobacco has entered the market. Lorillard, Inc. (LO), maker of Newports bought the Blu E-cig brand which has 40% of the market. In a recent accusation, Altria Group Inc. (MO) bought a large independent for their entry into the market. Consumers seem to really like them, their currently unregulated and they come in a variety of refillable flavors.

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It's easy to see profits or premiums go up in smoke. We recommend thorough independent research be conducted prior to making investment choices. The vaporizer and tobacco companies stock prices now included on this page are Vapor Corp. (VPCO), Lorillard, Inc. (LO), Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation (ECIG), British American Tobacco plc (BTI), Imperial Tobacco Group plc (ITYBY), Vape Holdings, Inc. (VAPE), mCig, Inc. (MCIG), Japan Tobacco Inc. (JAPAF), Reynolds American Inc. (RAI), Philip Morris International, Inc. (PM), Vector Group Ltd. (VGR), & Altria Group (MO).

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This is cannabis before being used in a vaporizer and after. Whats content left in the vaporizer is known as "Already Been Vaped" (ABV) weed.

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