Zimbabwe Initiates “Green Industry Fund” to Lure Foreign Cannabis Investors

The government of Zimbabwe has created one of the most interesting and potentially hottest cannabis financial “instruments” on the planet. Namely a “Green Fund” that has the backing of critical government agencies—and further specifically that the government hopes will be used to fund cannabis projects.

What this makes this even more remarkable is that the fund, offered by Zida, a óne-stop government shop for both local and foreign investors, is that this is a complete reversal of policy by an agency that is little over a year old. Zida was established to streamline the investment process in Zimbabwe in an effort to bring economic development assistance into the country, one way or another.

Of course, the move speaks volumes about the potential of cannabis across Africa, not to mention the increasingly hot topic of medical cannabis as the ultimate sustainable green investment, particularly in developing economies—no matter where they are.

In Zimbabwe specifically, the government expects to see export earnings from cannabis outstrip those of tobacco (by three times) in the immediate future. Tobacco, up until cannabis, was Zimbabwe’s most valuable export crop. Indeed between September and November last year, the government had issued 44 licenses and total earnings for companies in the

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