Why you should custom brand your pre-rolls and how to do it!

Seldom do we walk into our favorite cannabis dispensary or head shop and have an option to buy custom products that represent that brand. Regardless of the status of a business, company, brand, etc., building a reputation and connections with consumers is key. How are any businesses able to accomplish that if they are selling products with another brand’s logo and packaging? If you take pride in the quality of your products, why wouldn’t you carry that energy into the details and consider custom branding?

Custom Cones USA provides a variety of options to add custom branding to pre-rolled cones of many types. From premium palm leaf cones with corn husk filters to pre-rolled hemp blunt cones and pre-rolled tubes, all with custom size variety, there’s an option for everyone. Custom Cones USA offers three types of paper for our pre-roll cones; hemp wrap cones, similar to a blunt but made from hemp instead of tobacco, unrefined hemp (tan), unrefined flax paper (brown) and refined flax paper (white). Our newest pre-roll alternatives feature a tube style cone. It’s a cylindrical pre-roll with a choice of two new filter options: hollow style and high flow, which have

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