Why is Cannabis Still Illegal in the UK?

CANNABIS CULTURE – There was a moment in cannabis history where it could be argued that the UK was ahead of the US!

This has nothing to do with the UK supposedly being the world’s largest exporter of medicinal cannabis, this goes way back to 2001 when the London Borough of Lambeth was a test bed for an experiment which allowed the police to focus their attention on something more befitting of their time. Essentially, cannabis was partially decriminalised.

The police said they saved 650 man hours and a mountain of paperwork in the first month, sure they were still stopping teenagers in an effort to warn them of the dangers of drugs, which I thought wise but as a 25 year old man who was fond of his own paperwork, I could see the wider benefits to society. I lived in Brixton at the time and I can’t describe adequately how relaxed the place became literally overnight.

After a couple of months, Brixton had their annual ‘Reclaim the Streets’ festival. It was insane to say the least, mainly because there were plenty of people from all faiths, races and creeds blazing in front of police who in themselves seemed

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