What’s the Deal with the Third Cannabis Species?

Rightnow, there are more than 1,000 strainsof marijuana available on the commercialmarket alone. A figure which doesn’t take into account the many thousands ofDIY hybrids doing the rounds in recreational and medical circles worldwide.

Ofthese thousands of cannabis strains, the overwhelming majority belong to justtwo primary cannabis species:

Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Indica

Nevertheless,there is in fact a third (and wholly underappreciated) marijuana species that’smore than worthy of recognition:

So whyis it that this third cannabis species isn’t nearly as popular as itscounterparts? And what role has it played in the cannabis culture that’ssweeping the world right now?

To get abetter idea of what cannabis Ruderalis is all about, you need to consider theunique properties of all three cannabis species.

Cannabis Sativa

It wasthought for some time that Sativa cannabis was the only type of cannabis that grew on earth.  The genus was officially classified andrecorded for the first time in 1753, under the name of Cannabis Sativa L. It wasn’t until much later that the othertwo species of cannabis were discovered and recorded.

Sativa cannabis plants are known for growingincredibly tall, routinely exceeding four metres in height. The plants arerelatively slender, producing long and narrow leaves with somewhat sparsefoliage. A typical

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