What to know about JUULing, the dangerous e-cig trend popular with teens – WLWT Cincinnati

It’s a dangerous trend that’s spreading among teens nationwide, and it could be hiding in your home in plain sight.

Juuling, which involves a specific type of vaping device with extremely high nicotine levels, has become extremely popular with middle and high school students.


The device looks like a small USB drive and it can charge right off your computer or in your car. The JUUL device packs a powerful punch of nicotine.

Doctors, and even vape shop owners, want to keep these out of the hands of kids.

“In essence, they’re taking 20 cigarettes and putting them in their mouth and smoking them at one time.That’s not good for anybody,” said Jeff Kathman of Cincy Vapors.

Juul comes in a small sleek box, and contains enough nicotine to equal an entire pack of cigarettes in just one Juul Pod.

Kathman, of Cincy vapors, explains teens use it as a way to get a quick high.

“From what we hear that is going on, they just try to use it as fast as possible,”

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