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If you’ve ever heated up a portable or packed a volcano, you probably didn’t stop to think about how these newfangled contraptions actually get you high, or at least a nicotine fix. So what is vaping, technically? If you’ve never vaped cannabis or tobacco, it’s important to know the vaporization process before deciding to ditch your lighter for good.

Here’s everything you always wondered about how vaping works but were too afraid to ask for fear of being called a narc.

What is vaping?

Vaping, or vaporizing, is the process of heating up raw plant matter or extracts, without combustion. Instead of burning weed, tobacco or hash, vaping gently heats up these substances to limit the release of harmful chemicals and maximize the plant’s intended effects. Cannabis is typically vaporized at no less than 285°F but no greater than 450°F, and tobacco vapes at temps between 250°F and 300°F. Vapor has more in common with a cloud of steam than with a puff of smoke. And even though vaping reduces the effects of secondhand smoke, it doesn’t mean you’re not experiencing

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