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I’ve heard of vaping, but I don’t really know how it works. Is it much different from smoking cigarettes? Is it healthier? What exactly is going on when somebody vapes, and what’s the difference between vapor and smoke? While I don’t personally vape or smoke, I know some people who do one or both, so I’m curious about what the deal is.

Vaping and smoking may look similar, and some people think they feel similar, too. But they’re different in important ways – ways that, in the opinion of those in the e-cigarette business, should make vaping the clear choice. Let’s take a step back and examine what’s going on here.

“Vaping” gets its name from the thing that user inhale: vapor, which is not the same as smoke. A vape pen or electronic cigarette heats a liquid – called e-liquid – to create vapor. The idea is that the sensation is similar to that of smoking, and that the substitution of vapor for smoke makes things safer.

Is this true? It’s hard to say for sure at this stage,

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