West Virginia Lawmakers Considering Bill to Legalize Adult-Use Marijuana

Today, West Virginia lawmakers are taking their first look at a new bill to legalize and regulate adult-use marijuana. Democrats introduced the bill two weeks ago, but have so far only garnered support from within the party. Now that the bill is in multiple committees, it’s unlikely to see a full House vote this year. However, lawmakers who support the legislation hope it can at least begin the conversation on adult-use legalization in West Virginia.

Virginia Democrats Want to Let Communities Chart Their Own Course on Cannabis

Cannabis legalization is becoming a highly partisan issue in West Virginia. At the start of the first legislative session of the year, House Democrats introduced HB2331. In many ways, the bill is similar to adult-use legislation introduced or passed in other states. It permits adults 21 and over to possess cannabis for personal use, regulates a production and retail industry through the Bureau of Health and seeks to earn revenue via taxation.

But Virginia Democrats have introduced one twist into the boilerplate approach to legalization, a “county option”. Signing HB2331 into law wouldn’t automatically legalize cannabis across West Virginia. Rather, it would allow counties to elect to allow production and sales in that

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