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Vaping products are common among students locally and nationwide. The San Francisco-based company Juul produces the most used devices.

Courtesy Christopher Restivo

The Juul is small and bears a striking resemblance to a USB thumb or flash drive, allowing students to easily carry it in school without getting caught.

Courtesy Christopher Restivo

By Matthew D’Onofrio

Vaping is beginning to form a cloud over Oceanside schools, as more students participate in the growing trend — which nearly 1 in 3 students in 12th grade are a part of, according to a 2017 National Institutes of Health survey — and which, although it is banned in local schools, is difficult to expose.

“Vaping and all its paraphernalia are considered drug material; that’s how we interpret it,” said Oceanside school board Vice President Sandie Schoell. The activity is banned on school property, but it is difficult to catch students, as they usually vape in the bathrooms or locker rooms, where the schools lack constant monitoring.

Vaping refers to

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