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One thing you can count on Smashing Pumpkins for is their consistent ability to drop eye-catching music videos — be it the crushingly beautiful nostalgia of “1979” or the aesthetic defining “Ava Adore.” But their new video for “Solara” — the band’s first new song since Corgan reunited with guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin — just might be their craziest yet.

The visual starts with frontman Billy Corgan imprisoned underground, wearing a skirt and slave collar and being dragged around by three captors in bad makeup and tracksuits. They take him to a chair where he’s injected with “XXX-Treme Trauma” flavored vape juice, while he sits looking bored and exhales smoke. Elsewhere in the video, James Iha and friends spit out blood into a fountain, while a musclebound butler in a Jason Voorhees hockey mask hands them towels. 

The weirdness doesn’t end there, throughout the video imagery ranges from the unnerving, like Jimmy Chamberlin playing a same color game Connect Four against an opponent, a mime giving birth to a fake baby, and the aboveground hellscape where people are either ripped apart or in

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