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E-cigarettes might help adults quit smoking, but don’t ignore that ‘juuling’ is going viral in high schools: Our view

Juul vaporizers(Photo: Emma Kate Fittes, The Indianapolis Star)

The jury is still out on whether e-cigarettes will be a savior to smokers who want to quit, the gateway to addiction for a new generation, or both. But teenagers are not waiting for the answer. E-cigarettes — especially sleek new products that look nothing like traditional smokes, are easily concealed, and produce less noticeable plumes — have taken off in high schools from Maine to California.

In Sutton, Mass., where Sophia Diana was a high school senior last year, vaping is banned but it was common “in the library and on the bus,” and students would exhale into “their shirt or sleeves to hide it,” she says. In Milwaukee and Placerville, Calif., vaping in the bathrooms is the latest fad.

In suburban Detroit, Lynn Gillon, the mother of a high school junior, says she was blindsided when she found vaping paraphernalia in her son’s backpacks. He’s now attending a peer counseling group to

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