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You might travel a lot as part of your job. Or when you are working hard, your thoughts might be turning to taking a well-deserved vacation as summer approaches.

If you are feeling virtuous having switched the cigarettes for vaping, you might not even give it a second thought as you put your vaping kit in your purse instead of the cigarettes.

However, vaping is still a fairly new concept, so different countries have different views on e-cigarettes and different rules and regulations. Giving up smoking is hard enough – you don’t want your vaping kit confiscated to set you back!

Here are some things you need to know before you travel and vape:

• Do your research before you travel by air

If you are travelling by plane, make sure that you look at the specific vaping policies for that airport and airline. Some airports have vaping areas, and some airports ban vaping in the airport buildings completely.

E-cigarettes are not allowed in checked baggage and have to be transported in carry-on luggage through security in a clear plastic bag.

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