Vaping has negative side effects too, just like cigarettes – Los Angeles Loyolan

The National Academics of Science, Engineering and Medicine just came out with a new report on e-cigarettes, suggesting that vaping may encourage young people to start smoking even if it does help some adults quit smoking regular cigarettes, according to an article by Business Insider. This comprehensive review was intended to address the lack of knowledge surrounding the effects of e-cigarettes.

Over the past couple of years, vaping has become a growing trend that worries many health professionals with all the misconceptions over e-cigarettes not being harmful, according to an article by Jackson Hole News As Trudy Funk, the executive director of the addiction treatment center Curran-Seely in Jackson Wyoming, comments in the article, “Teens feel like it can’t hurt you and that it isn’t as bad as cigarettes. But there are still health hazards, and the fact that nicotine is in it means that it is still an addictive product.”

Even though smoking tobacco is now viewed culturally in a negative light, people do not view vape products as a tobacco products. The fact that these vaping products are

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