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TOOL OF THE TRADE—Below right, the Juul vaporizor is a popular e-cigarette device among teens because it looks and operates like a USB stick. Parents are worried.

Juul, Suorin, juice, pods— the new lexicon of vaping— are making the consumption of harmful nicotine easier and more popular than ever. Parents, teachers and health professionals are searching for ways to combat the trend before teens get hopelessly hooked. Some of the new devices turn nicotine laced vape juice into tasty, pleasant-smelling flavors, which makes concealment easier.


In short, kids are finding the new smoking technology irresistible, and some even believe the effect of the vaporized nicotine is harmless, one school official said.

Unhealthy trend

So, your child has in their possession what looks like a computer thumb drive, but it’s really a Juul, a small, vape juice delivery device that contains not megabytes, but mega-nicotine. You’re totally in the blind. What are you going to do?

A new contraption called Suorin Air is even smaller and easier to hide.

About that

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