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Ellington Middle School hosted a talk about e-cigarettes and vaping (or “juuling”) on May 5, and what parents can do to if their child is smoking tobacco via this method.

EMS Principal David Pearson said the topic is being presented because the school has done surveys of students, and while alcohol and drug use is down over the years, tobacco use is up. Just under 8 percent of students at the school said they have experienced vaping, whereas it was non-existent just a few years ago.

“It’s gaining momentum,” Pearson said, “so we thought there was a need to start this conversation.”

Dana Cavallo, a psychologist from the Yale School of Medicine’s Tobacco Research in Youth (TRY) program, and Research Assistant Alissa Goldberg, LSW, lead the discussion and showed examples of what the newest products look like.

“We want to show parents what these things look like. It’s hard to detect them,” Cavallo said, while showing her electronic pointer, which was also a vaping device. “Parents need to see what these look like.”

While cigarette use is down, electronic

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