Vaping comes out of the smoking closet – The Pharmaceutical Journal


E-cigarettes are fast becoming the new statins — for every study supporting their benefits, there’s another to report the harm they could cause. And for every vaper sharing their stop-smoking success, another questions the real value of e-cigarettes as a smoking-cessation aid.

In January 2018, a Public Health England (PHE) review of e-cigarettes revealed its most positive stance by far on the use of e-cigarettes, and called for them to be made available on NHS prescription in England.

The review provided an update to a 2015 report, which concluded that vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. While vaping may never surpass effective psychological or pharmacological support approaches in helping people quit, PHE recommends vaping as another option for smokers who have not succeeded with other methods.

In an ideal world, all smokers would kick the habit entirely — when this is not possible, there are substantial health benefits associated with shunning the lethal cocktail of 7,000 compounds inhaled in tobacco smoke and switching to e-cigarettes. Many argue, however, that without data on the long-term effects of

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