Vaping an epidemic in US high schools – WCAX

ATLANTA (CNN) While smoking has gone down among teens, overall tobacco use has remained steady. It’s because vaping has become so common.
The CDC says more than 2 million U.S. middle and high school students used e-cigarettes or vaping in 2016, and apparently many teens mistakenly think there’s no health risk.

In Milford, Connecticut, high school principal Francis Thompson is desperately trying to snuff out a problem teachers are having all across the country. “They’d come in here and you’d have four or five kids at a time congregating, and they’d start to vape,” Thompson said.

It’s a trend that many parents are not aware of, but e-cigarette use, or ‘vaping,’ has grown an astonishing 900-percent among high school students in recent years according to the surgeon general. And a 2016 national youth tobacco survey found nearly 1.7 million high school students and 500,000 middle schoolers had used e-cigarettes in just the 30-day period before the survey was taken.

in Wrentham, Massachusetts, assistant vice principal Spencer Christie says he too is overwhelmed by this new and pervasive epidemic.

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