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QWIT is a newly established company which is promoting a new vaping device and app they say will help people to quit smoking.  

In the latest episode of Stuff’s podcast series Superfad, hosts Katie Kenny and Laura Walters try vaping, which remains largely unregulated in New Zealand. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes here

When British public health experts first said vaping (using e-cigarettes) poses only a fraction of the health risk of tobacco smoking, the trend surged in popularity around the world, including in New Zealand.

But it remains illegal to sell or manufacture nicotine juices, or devices here. So how come there are shops openly touting vaping products containing nicotine?


Currently, it’s legal to import juices containing nicotine, but only enough for personal use. Nicotine juices and devices, however, still cannot be legally sold in New Zealand.

But anyone who vapes knows stores sell those products anyway, and aren’t likely to get prosecuted. Basically, the law just isn’t enforced.


Vape Shop co-manager Sam Nouri.

Sam Nouri, a manger at The Vape Shop on Ghuznee Street in Wellington, says “we’re

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