Vaping — a new risky pastime for younger kids – New Canaan Advertiser

Parents have yet one more danger to protect their children from — inhaling the aerosols produced by vaporizers in e-cigarettes, a practice known as “vaping,” explained New Canaan Police School Resource Officer Jeffrey Deak, at the Nov. 20 Board of Education meeting.

Vaping behavior in New Canaan “has stretched down to elementary school which is kind of terrifying,” said Deak, who works at Saxe Middle School.

Some risks of vaping have been established, he explained. “The big concern is when you introduce alcohol or drugs into a developing brain, the likelihood of addiction skyrockets and that’s the danger,” said Deak. Also, when a child inhales the aerosols, his or her heart rate increases and blood pressure rises. “We know that,” he said.

There is also the unknown, “The truth is there is no long term data on the damage these fluids inside these vaporizers are causing,” he said.

The vaporizer, similar to an e-cigarette, has a ‘pod’ inserted into it that is filled with flavored and highly nicotine induced fluid. (To the right of the e-cigarette (complete with pod)

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