Vaping a growing fad for teens who think it's safe, officials tell Naperville commission – Chicago Tribune

They don’t produce smoke, bad breath, unsightly ashes or even force users to go outside to use them, but vapes can lead to health problems and addiction just like traditional cigarettes, the Naperville Liquor Commission was told at a recent meeting.

“The main problem of vape products is we don’t see the same level of perception of harm with either parents or kids,” said Matt Cassity, community alliance for prevention project coordinator for 360 Youth Services, based in Naperville. “The vast majority of them have no idea about e-juice. It’s water vapor rather than smoke. It doesn’t mean there’s no harm. The majority of students make their decision based on the false belief it’s harmless.”

Vapes were originally touted as an alternative for adults hooked on cigarettes, but they’ve now become a target for school districts and public health advocates, who say vaping has quickly grown into a dangerous teenage trend.

Cassity joined two local school district administrators in introducing the commission to JUUL, described as the most popular brand of vape devices. They heat a liquid called e-juice

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