Vape Shops Are Incentivizing Smokers To Ditch Cigarettes In The New Year – The Daily Caller

A vape shop in New York is launching a New Year’s effort to convert smokers to electronic cigarettes, offering consultations to educate tobacco users on the harm reduction devices.

180 Smoke, a Canadian vape chain founded by a heart surgeon that caters to former smokers, is marking its entrance into U.S. markets with a campaign to transition smokers to vapor products. The company’s first U.S. store, opening on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, is discounting vaping starter kits, which come with a month’s worth of supplies, by 30 percent in an effort to woo current smokers towards the healthier alternatives, reports Ken-Ton Bee.

Workers at 180 Smoke are also setting up consultations with perspective customers who are seeking more information about vaping and the proper way to use the devices. The company points to research, specifically from Public Health England, that shows vapor products eliminate roughly 95 percent of the health risks associated with cigarettes because the majority of carcinogens are only released through the combustion of tobacco.

The latest scientific studies into the effects of e-cigarettes and the aerosol released by

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