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The electronic cig, which is also termed as the e-cigarette or PV (personal vaporizer) is an electronic inhaler that vaporises a solution of liquid to form a mist of aerosol. It stimulates the act of the reaction of the tobacco smoking. They are marketed as the cessation for smoking aids or an act to replace the tobacco usage. It is used to control the usage of nicotine release. The amount of nicotine release can be controlled by the user or can also be used without any secretion of nicotine.

The laws related to sale and use of the electronic cig is still pending and is processed under the legislation and the regular on-going debate. The researchers and the health organizations have determined the benefits and risks related to the invention of the electronic device to help prevent the use of tobacco. The parts of the electronic mode of cigarettes are:

· Cartridge used – The cartridge used here in the ecigs is a small plastic with openings at both the ends. It serves as a reservoir and also

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