Vape advocate: Scientific evidence clears the air on vaping as tobacco harm reduction –

E-cigarettes use liquid that creates a vapor. (Photo: Lauri Rantala, MGNOnline)

With Tennessee having one of the highest adult smoking rates in the country, it is critical that our public policy on tobacco and nicotine reflect science rather than outdated claims.

The scientific evidence shows vaping is a significantly less harmful alternative to smoking and is helping smokers around the world quit for good.

Dimitris Agrafiotis is an avid vapor product advocate. (Photo: Contributed)

Vaping, on the other hand, does not involve burning and does not contain tobacco. No burning means no smoke. Because there is no smoke, vaping—or e-cigarette usage— also doesn’t produce the most lethal chemicals found in cigarette smoke like carbon monoxide or tar.

Instead, vaping heats liquid, turning it into a vapor.

This liquid often includes nicotine—which is why smokers turn to vapor products as a replacement to traditional cigarettes.

Because these products contain dramatically fewer toxicants and chemicals when compared to smoking, there is a growing understanding in the public health community that vaping is much less harmful than cigarettes. A recent study by Public Health

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