Utah Legislature Plans Vote on Medical Marijuana Compromise

In Utah, lawmakers are expected to meet today to vote on a new set of medical cannabis laws. If new laws are put into place today, they will replace the medical marijuana initiative passed by voters last month. The possibility that this will happen has already sparked an ongoing controversy in the state.

Utah Lawmakers Plan to Draft a “Compromise Bill”

Last month, voters in Utah approved Proposition 2, which legalized medical marijuana. The proposal won with a 53 percent majority. It went into effect this month.

Yet despite the popular support of the bill, and although the laws just went into effect, it appears that lawmakers are pressing ahead with plans to overwrite the proposition.

Interestingly, these plans were in the works even before voters had a chance to vote on Prop 2. In fact, lawmakers and other influential groups in Utah made clear that if Prop. 2 won in the popular elections, they would hold a special legislative session on Dec. 3.

Additionally, these leaders made clear that the point of the Dec. 3 meeting is to push through a “compromise bill” that would replace the medical marijuana laws established in Prop 2.

And now that Dec. 3

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