Utah Considers Changes to Medical Marijuana Law Amid Concerns from Counties

First, it was approved by Utah voters. Then, it was advanced by lawmakers. But there are still plenty of concerns surrounding the state’s new medical marijuana law, prompting legislators there to consider tweaks before the program is fully implemented. 

Several counties in Utah have expressed concerns about distributing medical cannabis, citing its illegality on the federal level. Officials in Salt Lake and Davis counties “have advised their county health departments against dispensing medical marijuana once the state’s distribution network is up and running,” Deseret News reported on Tuesday. In a statement to the Salt Lake Tribune on Tuesday, the Utah Department of Health said it intended to continue to urge county officials to “to find solutions that will ensure patients statewide have access to medical cannabis within the timeline set out in the Medical Cannabis Act.”

Those concerns have some Utah lawmakers mulling even more action on a law that has already been greenlit by both voters and the legislature. State senate Majority Leader Evan Vickers, a Republican, said he and his colleagues are considering several proposals, and they may even pursue making changes in a special legislative session.

“I think we’re pretty close to having a solution that would

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