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I have three granddaughters, aged 2, 7 and 8. I am concerned about the tobacco industry’s use of flavors in their toxic products to lure kids into lifelong addiction. The tobacco industry doesn’t stop at the use of flavors, it also uses kid-friendly packaging to deceive kids into thinking their products are harmless. Apple-flavored vape products, in simulated juice boxes, aren’t targeted toward adults.

The tobacco industry’s use of flavors is strategic, targeting the age group most susceptible to addiction. Unicorn-puke flavored vapor product isn’t targeted toward adults, not mature adults. Coupled with unchecked online purchasing, getting tobacco products past parents and teachers and straight into the hands of kids, this is a recipe for disaster.

The youth of Stanislaus County face enough challenges. We should be setting them up for success, not saddling them with addiction that could torment them all their lives. Our kids and grandkids deserve better.

Contact you local, state and federal representatives and ask them to address marketing aimed at children. Sugary drinks and breakfast cereals, but not tobacco?

Randy Little, Turlock

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