Understanding the Background of Medical Marijuana Laws in Los Angeles

From the 1st of January, 2018, it became legal to buy, carry, use, and grow cannabis sativa without a valid physician’s recommendation. Medicinal cannabis has been available in the State of California for many years, but now recreational use is beginning to thrive as well. A physician’s recommendation enables you to carry and grow more marijuana & cannabis-related products, but it’s not essential to making a purchase. The best quality cannabis seeds are available from across the world without any laws prohibiting the use.  Commercial cannabis activities require nothing more than a state license and local approval. The city of Los Angeles approves all new business via the recently established Department of Cannabis Regulation. Reaching this point of legalization has taken quite a journey. We’ll be looking closer at how Los Angeles has evolved to place that it is now and what the exact current state of medical marijuana is.

California Proposition 215 – LA’s Start Thanks to the Medical Marijuana Initiative

On the 5th November 1996, Proposition 215 passed in California. The Compassionate Use Act legalized the cultivation, possession, and use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. This act set the framework and blueprint for the future laws of the

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