Underground Vape Bar busted – Los Angeles Loyolan

Many students and local vape enthusiasts now have to find another place to puff the night away with the closing of LMU’s secret underground vape bar in the basement below The Cave of Sacred Heart Chapel. Rumor has it Brother Joe was there handing out snacks.

Public Safety uncovered the bar after receiving a hot tip from an anonymous source visiting the Bluff late Sunday night.

The bust took place during the legendary Vape Olympics, where vape afficionados annually showcase their vape tricks in front of the only people who care.

Jamie Cloud, a rising star in the vape scene, was the reported favorite in the  phattest cloud competition. 

The source reported that they saw “mad clouds” rising from somewhere beneath the chapel that evening. Expecting religious miracles, Public Safety went in to investigate and reported being assaulted by O’s coming at them from every direction.

When asked for comment, the Head Public Safety Officer Earl Johnson simply sighed. “I honestly miss cigarettes. At least they looked cool doing that.”

The source also reported that a group of students, who

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