Ukraine Is Taking Steps To Figure Out The Future of Medical Cannabis

Last year, Ukraine circulated a poll, supported by the country’s president, that showed most people in the nation currently support medical cannabis in some form or another. Now, most politicians are backing legal, medical cannabis for the country, hopefully leading to a new industry that could provide a major boost for the Ukrainian economy. However, the first step before that can happen is for the country to work out what it wants this industry to look like

This will be a pretty big step for Ukraine, as currently, THC is a Schedule I substance, just like in the U.S., and hemp and CBD are not classified, but can only contain up to 0.08 percent of THC, a very small amount that is restrictive to market potential Both recreational and medical use are strictly prohibited. 

Due to the lack of cannabis knowledge or acceptance currently in Ukraine, there are a few different proposals in Ukrainian Parliament right now that would outline a map for medical legalization if it passes this year. In total, four draft laws have been submitted, each a little different from the next, but all focused on setting out a blueprint for medical cannabis legalization. 

Plans For Cannabis

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