Trial and Error: Cannabis and the Big Four Sports Leagues

Anyone who knows me knows that I really enjoy sports of all kinds. I was a college soccer player and played competitive club soccer in Florida before that from the age of 7 onward (and I now play in an adult co-ed league in Los Angeles). Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put the damper on watching live professional sports on TV, and clearly no one can attend any sporting events right now or likely anytime soon. Pro athletes have time on their hands now to train and/or rest up accordingly, which got me to thinking about our pro leagues’ treatment of cannabis and how it’s evolved over recent years.

I recall when it was a pretty big deal that Seattle and Denver were playing each other in the Super Bowl six years ago, since both teams’ states legalized cannabis in 2012 (and they played the game in Jersey, which also had cannabis legal reform for medical use).  More recently, in 2018 the question arose whether cannabis ads would be allowed to take up coveted Super Bowl TV ad space, as the teams–the Pats and the Eagles–hailed from states with serious cannabis legal reform.

For the longest time, it seemed like professional

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