Town council to address minors using vape devices – Castle Rock Newspress

The Castle Rock Town Council in July plans to consider an ordinance that would add vape pens and e-cigarettes to its list of tobacco products prohibited for sale or procurement to minors.

The ordinance comes at the request of schools, Town Attorney Bob Slentz said, which are struggling to enforce bans on the products. State law prohibits tobacco products on school property.

“As you probably know,” he told council, “it’s become quite trendy, especially the vape devices.”

Town code, under chapter 9.22, reads it is unlawful for anyone 18 or older to gift or sell tobacco products to minors, and that it is unlawful for minors to consume, possess or attempt to purchase cigarettes and tobacco products. Violations are punishable by fines of up to $300 per count.

The town’s definition of tobacco products is lengthy, but it does not include vape devices or e-cigarettes by name.

“The intent is to update the definition of tobacco products to include emerging alternate methods of ingesting nicotine, including electronic smoking devices,” said a town spokeswoman in an email.

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