Top 20 Vice Stocks for 'Sinful' Gains –

Typically, most investors don’t actively seek out so-called vice stocks. Due to their controversial businesses or recent scandals, some companies are deemed not worth the trouble to engage with. However, with financial markets entering a phase of fear and uncertainty, any viable alternative is open for consideration.

But for those who are still hesitant to buy vice stocks, it’s important to note that the term is largely a marketing construct. For instance, an investor can rail against tobacco companies on moral grounds. However, eliminating the industry altogether would create massive economic problems, primarily due to lost employment.

Another reason to at least be open to vice stocks is market performance. More than a decade ago, The Atlantic discussed the challenges of socially responsible investing, or SRI. While it may soothe the conscience to avoid morally questionable investments, such decisions are potentially costly.

And in cycles where solid returns are difficult to extract, SRI purchases are luxuries that many investors can’t afford. If you’re ready to ditch the guilt, here are top 20 vice stocks for “sinful” gains.

Vice Stocks to

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