Three House Candidates Who Could Affect Marijuana Legalization

How exciting for Michigan and North Dakota to be voting on marijuana legalization and for Missouri and Utah to be voting on medical cannabis. What a time to be alive!

In general, it’s a great election for marijuana–unless you live in a state that’s not voting to end marijuana prohibition, right?

Wrong! With help from our friends at NORML, we’ve identified three candidates who may be on your ballot for the US House of Representatives who could make a huge difference in state and federal marijuana policy.

Say No to Texas’ Pete Sessions

If you live near Amarillo, Texas, you may have the chance to remove the single greatest roadblock to federal marijuana law reform in the House of Representatives. Congressman Pete Sessions (no relation to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions), is ranked an “F” recipient in NORML’s Congressional Scorecard.

Bipartisan efforts in Congress to let US states move forward with legalization have all been thwarted by Sessions, who chairs a powerful committee and refuses to allow our issue to get a vote. We might have state protection from federal law enforcement, or banks that can work with state-legal marijuana businesses, or relief from drug dealer tax penalties, or veterans

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