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Namaste Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:NXTTF) continues to positively launch higher, with shares powering as much as 900% in just the past 6 weeks on a number of strong catalysts. The strength is part of an industry-wide move, but this has clearly been one of the most explosive names in that space over the relevant period. The latest push has been fueled by news that the company, in the form of its wholly owned subsidiary Cannmart Inc., has signed a Fulfilment Services Agreement with Greenlane Canada whereby Greenlane will provide exclusive order fulfillment and warranty services for Namaste’s Canadian websites.

According to the release, “under the terms of the Agreement, Greenlane will fulfill orders for all products set forth in Greenlane’s product offering as well as products which are marketed and sold under brands controlled by Namaste and other third-party products as specified by Namaste. The Agreement represents a strategic decision to further align the Company with the industry’s leading business-to-business distributor, while Namaste will benefit through a significant reduction of inventory and operational expenses, bringing the company closer to profitability.”

Namaste Technologies

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