The New Shatterizer Silver and Black Concentrate Vape Pen – High Times

Shatterizer is a company that doesn’t think of their customers as simply customers. If their latest high-quality concentrate pen is anything to go by, it’s clear they hold them in much higher regard. Shatterizer knows their customers draw from all walks of life and each one requires different things from their vaping equipment.

The new Shatterizer concentrate vape pen has been crafted and perfected with their shatter-loving customers firmly in mind. Using customer feedback and coupling it with their years of expertise Shatterizer have created something truly special.

What Shatterizer Learned

Naturally, it took a little time for Shatterizer to find the right design that would give the user as equally a satisfying experience as their original borosilicate glass top.

But somehow though, they did it!

The new Shatterizer pens are a mirror image of their original glass concentrate pen. What makes the difference is their far increased levels of durability, color and material. The new variants are made of very durable aluminum.

Smooth Design and Vapor

Sometimes you get packaging that’s only fit for the trash as soon it’s

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