The marijuana legalization debate drags on, but the head shop business is booming – Lexington Herald Leader

While legislators consider whether to legalize marijuana in Kentucky — medicinal or recreational — there’s one marijuana-related business that is already thriving in Lexington: Head shops.

Head shops are purveyors of glassware for bongs, storage containers that quash the scent of bud, and alternative herbal products. Such products might have a bit of marijuana’s active ingredient in them, but by Kentucky law, it’s a miniscule amount.

Victor David runs three head shops in Lexington, all called The Head Shed.

Among head shop owners, that makes him something of a local mogul. He’s personable and is proud of his stores, but there’s one word you cannot mention to him: marijuana.

Defined as businesses that sell drug-related paraphernalia, head shops are plentiful across Kentucky, often selling not just marijuana-related accessories but offering e-cigarette kits, body jewelry and piercings.

Finding a list of Kentucky head shops online is as simple as typing in a few key words or going to the website

Head shops started in San Francisco and New York in the mid-’60s and have long been considered a haven for

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