The Dutch Fumble First National Recreational Cannabis Cultivation Tender

It is never easy being green. However, the cannabis industry is no stranger to overcoming stigma if not hurdles. Much less the grotesque ball drops of governments as soon as they get involved—from expanding access to basic regulation.

The Dutch government has just been handed a reminder of that as its widely lauded first cultivation bid for the production of regulated recreational cannabis has embarrassingly hit the skids. It is not even something that can be blamed on COVID-19. Nor does it appear that the Dutch took any lessons from the highly controversial German cannabis tender for medical cultivation in 2017 which has yet to fully come online. 

Holland is a sovereign country with 2 million fewer inhabitants than the U.S. state of New York.

What gives? How could the land of the coffeeshop fumble the ball quite so badly?

A Brief History Of The Regulated Dutch Cannabis Industry

For American Gen Xers at least, Holland became a beacon of cannasanity during the 1980’s and 1990’s. This was a period of time where particularly American Baby Boomers who had inhaled with impunity when they were in their much-heralded youth, decided to further criminalize the plant and those who grew, used,

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