The crown Juul of the vape industry is now worth more than $10B – The Hustle (blog)

Juul Labs, the makers of every 8th-grader’s favorite e-cig, is worth more than $10B, according to insiders who spoke with The Information.

In spite of investor skepticism about the health dangers of the USB-shaped nicotine qsticks, the company has adapted Big Tobacco’s playbook to the era of social media — and grown large enough to challenge Big Cig’s bigwigs.

Juuls are on fire

You know, because they burn nicotine…. 

Also because the 3-year-old company, which has only raised $111.5m in a single round of funding, has managed to edge out Big Tobacco companies for more than 64% of e-cig market share.

Meanwhile, Philip Morris’ stock dropped nearly a third last year and R.J. Reynolds’ e-cig market share dropped by half. 

They say history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme… 

And Juul sure sounds a lot like Kool, the flavored cigarette that targeted kids in the early 2000s.

Juul isn’t just imitating Big Tobacco’s success but also its tactics — with fruity flavors and promises of a safer smoking alternative.

So far, Juul’s marketing attempts are paying off —

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