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The hook for Gross’s article was how badly the E-Cig Summit audience treated one of the speakers, and how this shows that “Big Vape is copying Big Tobacco’s playbook”. Frankly, it was an alarming read, and of course it’s being held up as evidence that vaping is just the next campaign in the long war against the tobacco companies. For example, notorious anti-vaping activist Stanton Glantz mentioned it on his blog. Lots of people in the tobacco control article have made very enthusiastic noises about this article.

Unfortunately there’s just one slight problem with it – the vast majority of it is total nonsense, and the bits that are true are the parts that Gross is trying to attack. In fact all the article’s alarmist claims about the dangers of vaping are well past their sell by date, and the whole narrative it presents is based on something that is, to put it mildly, not entirely true.

Setting the scene

Gross opens with the sad tale of Professor Samir Soneji, an academic at New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College. Prof Suneji, according

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