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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – It’s a serious problem. Fargo Cass Public Health says devices are turning up in schools that parents and teachers don’t know are being used as e-cigarettes. They’re becoming increasingly hard to identify.

“It looks like a USB, you would never guess that it’s an e-cigarette but that’s exactly what it is,” says Tobacco Prevention Community Health Educator, Melissa Markegard.

E-cigs, vapes, e-juice. Whatever you want to call it, teens are using them. It’s becoming a problem. In fact, Fargo Cass Public Health is working with area school districts to keep up with these devices.

“Definitions have been updated in many school’s policies to include e-cigarettes,” says Markegard.

Catching someone in the act at school can be hard and identifying an e-cigarette can be even harder. So where and how are teens getting these?

“The ones that are really able to be hidden, I ordered one online that we use to show parents,” says Markegard.

Some sites make you enter a birthdate before allowing you access. But let’s be honest, that’s easy

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