Study Finds Teens Who Vape, Chew Tobacco More Likely To Later Smoke Cigarettes – WKMS

  Teens who use e-cigarettes, hookah, chewing tobacco and other cigarette alternatives are almost twice as likely to eventually smoke cigarettes than teens who never use those alternatives. That’s according to a new study out Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In Kentucky, a sizable portion of teenagers already smoke cigarettes, according to a state government survey published in 2017. A little more than 14 percent of Kentucky high schoolers reported smoking cigarettes, while about the same percentage reported vaping, which is similar to e-cigarettes.

For the new JAMA study, authors set out to find out if using e-cigarettes and similar products eventually led teens to smoke cigarettes. That’s important because cigarette smoking rates have gone down in teens, which could be seen as a win by health advocates. But for many teenagers, e-cigarettes have taken the place of traditional cigarettes, according to a University of Michigan studyfrom 2014.

“Any use of all forms of non-cigarette tobacco was independently associated with greater risk of future cigarette smoking,” the JAMA study authors concluded.

And they

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