Study Finds One-Third Of Canadian Cancer Patients Use Cannabis

A researcher has found that one-third of Canadian cancer patients use marijuana, according to a study released earlier this month. A report on the research, “Cannabis use among Canadian adults with cancer (2007-2016): results from a national survey,” was published online by the journal Expert Reviews in Pharmacoeconomics & Outcome Research

To conduct the study, Omar Abdel-Rahman, a researcher affiliated with the University of Alberta in Edmonton, accessed and analyzed data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS). The CCHS is a cross-sectional survey that collects information from a large number of respondents on the health status, healthcare utilization, and health determinants for the Canadian population every two years. 

Adult CCHS participants who responded yes to the question ‘Do you have cancer?’ and who had access to complete information about cannabis were included in the study. A total of 4667 participants who currently have cancer were included in the research. The research revealed that more than one-third of Canadian cancer patients used cannabis in 2016 and that the rate of cannabis use increased as the study progressed. The study also revealed that cannabis use varied in association with several identified demographic factors.

“Within this study cohort of Canadian adults with

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