Study: 75% of Physicians in New York Have Patients Who Use Medical Cannabis, Neuropathy the Most Common Qualifying Condition

According to a new study more than seven out of every 10 physicians in New York have patients who use medical cannabis, with the most common qualifying condition being neuropathy.

The study of practicing physicians, MDs or DOs, in New York found that “More than 75% reported having patients who used cannabis for symptom control, and 50% reported having patients who inquired about MMJ [medical marijuana] within the past year”. The majority (71%) agreed that “MMJ should be an option available to patients”.

The study found that the most common qualifying medical condition among medical cannabis patients to be neuropathy, followed closely by cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Among the medical professionals who have patients using the plant for symptom contol, the most common symptoms were “pain (83%), anxiety (54.7%), nausea (46.2%), depression (37.1%), cachexia (31.1%), and 17.9% for other indications, including for spasticity, sleep issues, and seizures.

For the study, which was published the National Institute of Health’s official website. “A 30-item questionnaire was developed by our research team based on surveys developed by others, but adapted to NY-specific needs (Supplementary Data—Survey).” This survey “sought to obtain perspectives on the NY-MMP from practicing physicians. Survey questions included categorical/nominal, ordinal, and

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