St. Louis DEA Warns of Weed and Meth Laced Candies This Halloween

The St. Louis Division of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) just issued a warning for kids going trick or treating tonight in Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois. Watch out for dangerous candy. In particular, the DEA is warning folks to watch out for suspicious looking candies that could be laced with meth and—in good old Reefer Madness-style—weed.

DEA’s Warning About Dangerous Candy

The DEA St. Louis Division’s warning focused on “the dangers of drug-laced treats this Halloween.” In particular, candy that’s been laced with meth and weed.

The warning played up the fear of “marijuana-laced candies sold in packages designed to look like traditional candies; including Munchy Ways, 3 Rastateers, Twixed, Keef Kat and Rasta Reese’s.” Of course, the DEA failed to mention that these are commercially sold edibles in states where weed is legal. Instead, they leave it there, hinting at evil plots to trick kids into getting high.

After warning parents to be on the lookout for meth or weed candies, the DEA provided a set of instructions. First, parents should screen their kids’ candy for “unusual wrapping or misspelled candy labels.”

As soon as they discover anything suspicious, parents are directed to “give it to your local

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