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E-cigarettes and vaping are becoming increasingly popular. The link exists between the rising popularity of this new vaping habit and healthy lifestyle popularisation. The evidence shows that “research shows emotional and social health is associated with a reduced risk of disease and premature death”. Which is why people need to pay attention to their emotions and leisure.

Vape shops specialize in selling e-cigs and e-liquids, but they do not just act as retailer shops. They also provide a setting for socialization and exchange of experiences. Vapers community daily grows in numbers. As a result, everyone who wonders about  “is there any vape shops near me”, will have no troubles finding a place to go.

Vaping culture & communities

The use of e-cigarettes is not only a habit. It is also a culture and a whole new lifestyle that attracts both teens and adults with the same intensity. In one study, teens went about explaining their reasons for starting vaping. They answered that it was “ cool, fun and something new”. What they find particularly enticing is e-juice that comes in different

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