Some of the Best Marijuana Strains to Prevent Hair Loss

The statistic brain shows that an approximate of 56 million individuals in the US are experiencing hair loss. Therefore, hair growth products are now becoming part of the fast-growing industry with many people believing that marijuana can prevent hair loss. A study shows that applying hemp oil to your hair, as a cosmetic help incorporate cannabis compounds.

Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, whereas recreational weed is legal in about 20% of the country. For this reason, explorations regarding marijuana are becoming easier, including the possibility of preventing hair loss. Besides, marijuana can provide other medicinal benefits. Therefore, the future of legal marijuana is bright and it can offer many benefits to people around the world.

Hair loss and its types

Typically, hair loss comes in various ways among different individuals. At times, it appears suddenly and at times, may begin gradually to a permanent state.

With age, gradual thinning, mainly at the top head hair, is a common thing in both women and men. In men, hairline retreats starting from the forehead then to the temples and the crown. Therefore, such hair-loss looks like M (the letter M).

Some common kinds of baldness include:

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