Smoke out on the sly with this perfect pocket vaporizer – The Daily Dot

There’s nothing worse than having to stop some social event by bringing out a big, unwieldy vape pen that’s sure to dominate the conversation. But the only alternatives have been small, pocket-sized vape pens that are either too delicate, too hard to refill, or simply don’t provide an enjoyable vape experience — at least until the Exxus Snap VV.

This new pocket-sized vaporizer has a recessed atomizer that gives it a slim profile — this thing is tiny. Plus, there are four different voltage settings, allowing you to customize your vapes, and supports fast-paced cartridge changing with its magnetic connections.

All you need to do is simply pop one refillable cartridge out, and throw your new one in, like some kind of vaping ubermensch. Pack your pocket with a variety of flavors, or simply stock up on your favorite — the pen itself even comes in four snappy colors.

Give yourself a vaping experience that travels with you. Get the Exxus Snap VV for $27.99 from the Daily Dot store, that’s reduced from the original price of $39.99.


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