Results of Clinical Trial Show Potential Benefits of Cannabis For Children With Autism

A new clinical trial offered encouraging signs for the use of cannabis extracts on children with autism.

The clinical trial, the results of which were published this month in the journal Molecular Autism, sought to assess the effects of “whole-plant cannabis extract” containing both CBD and THC at a 20:1 ratio and a placebo on a group of young children with autism.

For 12 weeks, the 150 participants received either the extract or the placebo, which was then “followed by a 4-week washout and predetermined cross-over for another 12 weeks to further assess tolerability.”

In their conclusions, the teams of Israeli researchers said that they had “demonstrated for the first time in a placebo-controlled trial that cannabinoid treatment has the potential to decrease disruptive behaviors associated with [autism spectrum disorder], with acceptable tolerability,” as quoted by NORML.

“This is specifically important for the many individuals with [autism spectrum disorder] who are overweight, as cannabinoid treatment was associated with net weight-loss in contrast to the substantial weight gain usually produced by antipsychotics. … These data suggest that cannabinoids should be further investigated in [autism spectrum disorder],” they said. 

“Disruptive behavior on the CGI-I [Clinical Global Impression-Improvement scale] was either much or

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