Report: Only 199 public dispensaries in Mumbai against 858 needed – India Today

The latest report by the National Building Code says at least one dispensary is needed per 15,000 population in urban areas. Currently, in Mumbai, there are only 199 public dispensaries.

Talking about Mumbai’s primary health care, Praja Foundation, in its white paper, said the city had fewer dispensaries in proportion to the population.

According to the report by the Times of India (TOI), Yogesh Mishra of Praja said, “But we have only 199 public dispensaries, which include both the government and BMC.”

He revealed that wards K-W, P-S, R-S and T have only one dispensary for over 1 lakh people. He said that up to 12% of Mumbai’s Rs 39,000 crore budget is allotted for health, yet dispensaries haven’t been made.

As per the reports, Dr Mangala Gomare, BMC executive health officer, claimed that BMC’s fifteen 14-hour dispensaries (the rest are open for 5-8 hours) work under a PPP model. “We plan to scale it up,” she added.

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